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The Inside the Core podcast is provided for entertainment only. Any information, techniques, software or equipment that is discussed should be researched, tested and validated prior to use. This podcast is not a substitute for specialized training that is required for computer forensics. The topics of discussion and/or opinions are those of the host(s) and do not reflect the views of the hosts employers or former employers. Discussion of content, goods, or services provided by outside entities does not imply endorsement. Nothing in the podcast should be construed as an offer, solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any specific products or training.

Inside the Core Episode 14

Just in time for Thanksgiving here in the States! In this episode we talk about:

The new Mac Tips section

- Using the Go To Folder feature

- Terminal Command: Open

The kcpassword file and how to decrypt it

PList of the Week

- Skype History Files

Website of the Episode


The release of Reaper, the PList Investigation Tool

New version releases by:

- Sumuri - Paladin ver 2

- MacMarshall ver 3

- Blackbag - Blacklight R4

Look for the ITC Polo Shirts and Hats available for sale soon!

More info at

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It is finally out! Episode 13 with our guest host, Steve Whalen of Sumuri. Steve talks about his Mac training classes and Paladin, the forensic boot CD. We also talk a bit about OS 10.7 Lion, Malware and of course, the Plist of the Week. 

Our application pick of the show is Disk-Arbitrator. Hopefully we can get its creator on the show in the future.

This will be the first in what we hope is a series of interveiws with companies that offer Mac Forensic Training.

Thanks for sticking around and waiting for the latest podcast.

Be Safe,

The MacDudes

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Inside the CyberCrime 4Cast Super Show

We were kindly invited by Lee Whitfield of Forensic 4Cast to participate in the Digital Forensics Podcast Super Show. Along with Lee, we were joined by Joe Garcia of CyberCrime101 and Lee's brother Simon.

Here is the link to the show:


Happy Holidays

The MacDudes

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Inside the Core Episode 12

In this episode we discuss Chrome for Mac forensics and the Forensic 4Cast Awards. We have guest host Joe Garcia of the CyberCrime 101 podcast, who tells us about his podcast, the SANS Forensic Summit and HacKidCon.

We also briefly discuss Steve Whalen's new company, Sumuri, and their Forensic Boot and Imaging CD, Paladin; AccessData's FTK Imager command line tool for the Mac; and the websites of the episode.

Thanks to Joe Garcia for being on the show.

We would also like to thank you, our listeners, for voting for ITC in the Forensic 4Cast Award's Best Digital Forensics Podcast. Who would of thought we would of won!

A special thanks to the Florida State Prison System for their votes.

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Inside the Core Episode 11

In Episode 11, The MacDudes talk about using the command line to see what extended attributes a file has assigned to it. PLoW covers two plists.

We also talk a bit about the recent CEIC conference, Twitter, and a couple of software applications.

Chris is hard at work trying to get the show notes caught up. We hope to have all  of them on the website for your downloading pleasure.


Be safe!

The MacDudes


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Inside the Core Episode 10

After a two month hiatus, we are back with Episode 10. We know it has been a while but we are ready to get back to work and bring the best in Mac forensics information to you.

In this Episode we cover the SQLite DB File. PLoW covers several iWork plists, a VLC plist.

The episodes Website of the Week is This website interprets a Mac's serial number and provides us with great information on the make up of that particular system.

We talk briefly about a native "switch" in Snow Leporad that allows us to turn on read/write to NTFS volumes. No need for NTFS 3G or Tuxera NTFS. Look for more on that later.

Show notes to follow.....No really, we promise!

Be Safe!

The MacDudes

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Inside the Core - The Night Before MacMas This is our holiday special episode. We gather around the Christmas tree with the kids and read our version of The Night Before Christmas.

We want to thank all of you for taking the time to listen to the podcast and provide us feedback to help make the show better. We try our best to provide information that will help you in your Mac exams or at least point you in the direction where your questions can be answered.

We would especially like to thank our own MacDudette, KK, for writing the MacMas version and for her on the fly editing while Chris and Dave were totally clueless on how to make two words rhyme.

We hope that you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or whatever you are celebrating!

Be safe and we hope to see you in the new year!

The MacDudes
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Inside the Core Episode 9 In Episode 9, The MacDudes talk about hardening your Mac using native security applications and processes.

Following in the security theme, the Plist of the Week (PLoW) covers and

We have a great interview with Joe Duke of AccessData. Joe will discuss the use of FTK in analyzing Macintosh and the new FTK Mac Forensics course.

The following are some of the websites we talk about concerning Mac Security & anti-virus

Mac Shadows
Secure Mac
Mac Hacking
Security Social
Intego Blog

The show note to follow, honest!

Be Safe,
The MacDudes

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Inside the Core Episode 8 In Episode 8, we cover preparing a Mac for use as an analysis system. We also go over a lot of tools that are useful in analysis of a Mac. We have an interview with Ben Charnota of BlackBag Technologies about their new software write block (beware: Ryan's mic will be found lacking).

Google is providing free internet access in a number of airports this holiday season. Here is a link to an article about it:

Plist of the Week:

No Website of the Week this episode, the show was getting a little too long so I pulled it out. We will include it in the next show.

Show notes to follow!

Be safe,
The MacDudes
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Inside the Core Episode 7 This episode, the MacDudes have an interview with Lee Whitfield of the Forensic 4cast Podcast, talk about features in Snow Leopard that are of interest to examiners, and the Plist of the Week.

Also discussed;

Problems with Time Capsule
Linkedin Groups
Bodega application
Twitter's Computer Forensic Information
Snow Leopard's Problems with Guest Accounts

Look for show notes soon.

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